Hanna's Courage
A Story of Love and Betrayal at the Battle of Gettysburg


A young girl's first love: Forbidden. Dangerous. While struggling
with her feelings for a handsome Confederate soldier, Hanna
to save her toddler brother and her friends, former slaves who had
escaped bondage years earlier and were forced to flee their homes
on July 1, 1863.



"Recommended addition to historical fiction collections"-
Midwest Book Review Small Press Bookwatch, September, 2012.

"Cregar paints the horrors of war with blood-red accuracy" -
Ellen Wittlinger, award-winning young adult author.

"Elyse Cregar, a school librarian and former Licensed Battlefield Guide makes
that bloody conflict personal and real in Hanna's Courage." -
School Librarian's Workshop for April/May, 2013.
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Historical details of Hanna's Courage have been verified by Miss Debra Novotny, 
a Licensed Battlefield Guide at the Gettysburg National Military Park since 1975:
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On July 1, 1863, the 16th Maine Volunteer Infantry Regiment fought desperately to hold back the attacking Confederates. The Regiment, part of the Union First Corps, engaged with elements of Confederate Major General Rodes' Division on Oak Ridge, northwest of the town. Driven back to a railroad cut, and ordered to "hold at all costs" as a rearguard to allow time for the rest of the division to withdraw, men of the 16th Maine tore their flags to shreds rather than have them captured. The regiment suffered casualties of over eighty percent: men killed, wounded, missing or captured, including the capture of  Colonel Tilden. The sacrifice of the 16th Maine troops allowed time for Union forces to withdraw to the heights east of Gettysburg.

Of the two flags carrried into battle, only a handful of these remnants of the 16th Maine Regimental Flag and National Standard still exist. There are no known surviving images of these flags as they appeared prior to the battle on July 1.The few remants we know of today are in the Maine State Museum collections or are treasured mementoes to families whose ancestors were in one of the last regiments to give way before the Confederate invasion of Gettysburg on July 1, 1863.

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Read Hanna's Courage to learn how this event touched Hanna's life. 


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